PTR WELDING is a team of manufacturing and fabrication experts who are dedicated to creating efficient processes and consistent, quality products.

We know that the world of manufacturing can feel chaotic and stressful. That’s why, on top of hundreds of welding hours, we’ve committed to Six Sigma training, a stringent quality management approach that uses data analysis in an effort to eliminate errors in the manufacturing process.

We’re dedicated to developing and implementing an effective process for building and delivering your product. The unique way we work, with structure and method, brings order to the chaos and relief to our customers. 

PTR WELDING incorporates three key components to deliver the best work, effortlessly. 

01     Professionalism

02     Process Control

03     Responsive Communication 


We offer an extensive range of metal manufacturing services in the Denver Metro area.

“PTR Welding has repeatedly performed above and beyond our expectations in order to help provide an excellent product to our customers.”



Ethan’s deep interest in computer science led him to develop skills in parametric CAD modeling, programming and software design. He brought this background of efficient design and creative solutions for problem solving to PTR Welding with the goal of providing order to an otherwise chaotic system.